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Walk like Christ

Focus: 1 John 2:6 - KJV

6. He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.

Acts 10:9-16

Christ is our example of how to traverse the earth and not faulter. His life is an example of the way to go. It is however possible to meet Christ, know Him, dine and wine with Him and yet refuse to emulate His ways. Peter was one of the closest disciples of Christ. Wherever Christ went while He walked the face of the earth, Peter was found. But Christ, being love, never came to condemn anyone. He showed example of how even the worst of sinners should be given a chance to repent and be converted notwithstanding race or creed. After Christ’s ascension, Peter was put in charge and was meant to walk like Christ by doing only the things Christ would do. Nonetheless, Peter still had in him the mind to condemn those whom he considered were common and unclean. He would have deprived Cornelius and his household salvation if God did not intervene. This is the position of many of us today. Judas Iscariot was Christ’s close associate but that did not stop him from lusting after money to the extent of his selling his Master for pittance. Christ had no such lust. So, where did Judas copied it from? Christ believed so much in the Father and would do nothing except what He saw the father do. He had faith. But Thomas was a person who would rather see and feel before believing.

Beloved, if we must truly be of Christ, we need not only abide in Him but also walk as He walked. Let us emulate His ways and do that which He would do alone staying away from things He would not do or approve. No matter what life is throwing your way, please walk like Christ. Do not veer to the sides. Remain firm and resolute. That is the only way by which you can claim the blessings of God deservedly for God sees your position. All that Christ does is righteous. Therefore, eschew every unrighteousness and walk like Christ in righteousness.

SOLUTION: Before doing anything at all, pause to ask yourself: what would Christ do in the circumstance? Whatever your answer is, based on the unbroken word of God, that is what you should do, going forward.

Father, please help me not only to abide in but also to walk like Christ for the rest of my life. As I do so, please make my enemies my footstool like you did for Christ in Jesus name. Please make this day a day to remember for good for the rest of my life in Jesus name. Thank you Father Lord.

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