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Walk Uprightly For Good Things

Focus: Psalms 84:11 - KJV

11. For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.

James 1:13-18

Everyone who operates under the light of God becomes entitled to the blessings of God. When we go through diverse temptations that appear to be pushing us down, it is time to check where we are located. For God tempts no one with evil; rather He is a sun and shield to those who belong to Him. Sun, to cover them with His light so as to forestall darkness from overwhelming them; and shield to prevent the enemy from tampering with them or making them go through the pains of darkness. When we remain under the sun and shield of the Lord, He sidelines us from taking supplies from the kingdom of darkness which supplies are non-satisfying anyway, and releases upon us good and perfect gifts for which we glorify His name always. But for us to continue in this largesse, we are required to walk uprightly. Those who fail to walk uprightly practically eject themselves from under the sun and shield of the Lord and thereby forfeit the supply of good and perfect gifts. It is by this that you notice many vices happening to some and you wonder what happened. The sun and shield that cloaked them must have been forfeited. We must be quick to quip that at times, when you think you are upright because everyone observes you are with the Lord like Peter, the enemy may have asked for you. When he does and the Lord releases you, then, like Job, you become vulnerable for you are allowed out of the bright light of the sun and the cover of the shield.

That situation has its source from the presence or not of the sun and shield. So, if suddenly you have started to experience a downturn or in your own case you have always been on the low side of life, then please check your positioning: Are you under the sun and shield of God? You cannot be there and experience vices in life. What to do is to restore yourself into walking uprightly and please pray fervently that the Lord may restore to you the joy of your salvation. When the Lord puts you back under the sun and shield, your captivity is restored and you will be like them that dream for many good and perfect gifts will start to pour in unto you again.

SOLUTION: Like Jesus prayed for Peter when the enemy asked for him, please pray that the Lord will restore you like he restored Peter. Your restoration is however premised on your uprightness. You can’t continue in sin and ask grace to abound. You want restoration? Start by being upright and then pray to break the hold of the devil.

Father, we join our faith together today to pray for everyone that has strayed from your cover that you please restore them right away in the name of Jesus. If the enemy comes requesting for anyone of your children like he did Job and Peter, please do not allow him to bring his darkness near us even as you keep us perpetually in your light in the name of Jesus Christ. By the reason of your sun and shield over us therefore, let your good and perfect gifts start pouring in on us better than ever from today in Jesus’ name.

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