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What Is Man?

Focus: Job 7:17-18 - KJV

17. What is man, that thou shouldest magnify him? and that thou shouldest set thine heart upon him? 18. And that thou shouldest visit him every morning, and try him every moment?

Psalms 8:1-9

Looking at the being of God, we find that He is awesome in glory, power and majesty. He created all things and therefore, there is none like Him. Part of His creatures are angelic beings and other heavenly creatures. He also created man as well as many other living beings for His pleasure. But of all these creatures, man is not the largest or most powerful or anything spectacular but God bestows greater recognition and blessing on him. But what is man that God so favors him amongst the creatures? This man that has lived almost his entire being against the will and purpose of God? The man that surrendered the reins over the earth which is God’s enterprise unto His enemy the devil? Why would God continue to cater for such a being and recognize him more than other beings? Well, of all the beings of God, man is the one made in God’s image and likeness; and he is the one to whom the right over the earth was given from the beginning. Hence, God specially loves man. To get back the control over the earth, man needed to defeat the devil. For love and the recovery of the earth, God released His Word to come to earth as Son of man, who by being a man qualified to wrest the earth back from the enemy. And He did. Now, the responsibility is back on man to oversee the earth on behalf of our God, the owner; and to prevent the enemy from mesmerizing the creatures of God. The love of God for man made Him call man His son. So, as many as are restored to dominion over the earth are restored to being sons of God.

God is counting on us as men to rule the earth. We cannot rule the earth by being subservient to the devil. We are subservient to the devil when we obey him to do his will rather than do the will of our father, God. We are the servants of who we obey. Every time we go against God’s command, we are literarily choosing the devil as preference. Our doing so puts heavy burden on the earth, the creatures and ourselves. We make our lover sad whenever such happens. Yet, it keeps happening ceaselessly by the day. If indeed, we love our God, we will cause Him to be glad with our deeds. No wonder the Bible says there is joy in heaven over every sinner that repents. Repent and let joy resound in heaven today. Don’t ever submit to the devil again.

SOLUTION: Let God’s word dictate your life and living. Don’t let the devil win the battle for your soul. Kick him out by yielding completely to God by obeying and doing His commands.

Father, we are sorry for not making our stand clear through our past actions. Do please forgive us in Jesus’ name. From now on, please strengthen us to resist the devil at all times even as we submit unto you wholly right now in the name of Jesus Christ. Do not allow the devil to ever win us again in Jesus’ name. In all, as we occupy till you come, give us the grace to correctly occupy for you in Jesus’ name.

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