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Who knows God?

Key verse: Psalms 145:3

Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.

Read: Exodus 33:12-13

Moses was a Hebrew boy raised in the Egyptian palace by his Hebrew mother Jolchebed, as his nurse, supported by his elder sister Maryam and brother Aaron both of whom were equally Hebrew. It is therefore not out of place to assume that the initial knowledge Moses had of the Hebrew God was taught him by this trio or at least one of them. At a point in his life, Moses had a special encounter with God. Soon after, by his words, ten plagues came upon Egypt. Later, by his words and actions, the Red Sea parted, there was Manna from heaven as food, there was pillar of fire and of cloud. Indeed, many great things happened through him borne out of his relationship with, and knowledge of God. Sometime as his life went by, Moses decided to take a non-Hebrew woman, an Ethiopian, as wife. This was against the tenets the elder sister and brother knew of the Hebrew tradition. They must have taught him how Abraham forbade his servant from taking a strange woman for Isaac as wife and how Isaac was displeased with the manner of women Esau took as wife. So, they were upset with Moses and challenged him all the way. But when God called a mediation meeting, they got the strongest rebuke of their lives and Maryam the eldest who should know better, left the presence of the Lord a leper. It was the Moses whom they taught that needed to intercede on their behalf.

Upon all that Moses knew of God and what God did through him for Israel, Moses had the premonition that he yet knew nothing. Hence, in our reading of today, he still sought to know the Lord. There are many today who boast to know God and therefore consider themselves wise, yet they are not able to part the murky river that adjoins their village. Indeed, the pandemic of 2019/2020 made a mess of the claim of many such people. For Moses whose prayer, like that of Paul was to know more of God, when a pandemic happened, he sought the face of God and got a solution. Thank God for Nigeria and some other parts of Africa that the Lord preserved like Goshen for the prayers of those standing.

The word of God is that the greatness of God and indeed His knowledge are unsearchable. Anyone that must know God must humble himself before God for God to reveal Himself to same. While Maryam and Aaron were in servitude in Egypt, Moses encountered God and received greater knowledge and insight about God than the duo. Yet he did not brag about it. Rather than brag, shouldn’t we ask God to reveal Himself and His purpose to us?

Pray: Father, I want to know you. Please take me higher that I may have a greater knowledge of your person, in Jesus name.

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