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Wisdom is essential

Memorize: Psalms 49:3 - My mouth shall speak of wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding.

Read: Psalms 49:1-17

The entire life of man is like vapor. When it comes into being, it is seen and observed by watchers but within a twinkling of an eye it disappears and a little while thereafter, it is completely forgotten. Meanwhile, the space in which it showed up remains unaltered.

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. The full grasp of this is broadened in the mind of the wise. Everyone that comes into the earth comes without any material thing outside his being. No matter the length of time the fellow spends, the cheers and gears, the acquisitions and all, after a length of time which may not be made known to him from the beginning to the end, he departs the earth again. Yet the earth remains as it was from his inception. Many do not put their minds to this wisdom. They forget so soon that as they did not come with anything, they will not go with anything. Many don’t even think of death at all.

A conscious effort to observe everything on earth including man will reveal the truth of the word that the earth belongs to God. Everything there is, including the being of man, returns to its source after a while. Man is dust, he returns to dust. So, in strict sense, the earth loses nothing in the formation of man. Water flows always back to its source: so, no matter the quantum you take out of it, it returns to the source somehow. Even the one licked up by the sun returns in the form of rain. All manner of manufacturing receives raw materials from the earth and returns to the earth as scrap.

Nothing therefore goes out of the earth that is taken from it. It is foolishness to keep acquiring wealth and substances as if one will remain here forever. The owner of the earth knows how to redistribute its resources as He wills. He has the capacity to turn the rich to poverty and the poor to wealth, just by redistributing the resources of the earth. Ask Job. No wonder the wise man says it is vanity upon vanity.

It is important for man to put his heart to wisdom and stop acquiring to his selfish ego things on earth but rather store up for himself riches in heaven where he can keep enjoying all in eternity with Christ. What is your choice?

Pray: Father, I don’t want to be poor so that people will not ask where my God is; neither do I want to be too rich so as not to reckon with my Creator. Give me wealth sufficient for my stay on earth and abundance of it for my eternal home based on my walk with you here in Jesus name.

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