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Wonders Tomorrow

Focus: Joshua 3:5 - KJV

5. And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify yourselves: for to morrow the LORD will do wonders among you.

Joshua 3:5-13

Something great is in the air. God is set to deliver His people from the bondage of the devil and locate them in their promised land which had been occupied by strangers hitherto. The thing is: how it will happen, God knows, but what is clear is that tomorrow, God will perform a great wonder in the lives of His people. That great obstacle that appears like the flood of the world that you had thought would prevent you from making progress will part ways for you to go tomorrow in Jesus’ name. It does not matter the strength of the usurpers of your glory, TOMORROW, God will put your fear in them that they will no longer be able to look you in the face. Your dread will make them surrender to you and bow to the Majesty of the Lord in your life. Look, He magnified Joshua in the face of Israel and all the adversaries that waited for them on the other side. As He has said, TOMORROW, great wonder is going to happen that will magnify you in the sight of your people and your adversaries. So, you are to believe God for His word and see the salvation of the Lord.

That thing that has terrified you for long is about to give way. Tomorrow the moth comes to an end. That problem ends also tomorrow. The Lord however has a word for you today. For the action to come through tomorrow as purposed for you by God, you have some things to do. When you do them, you are assured of victory tomorrow in a wonderful manner.

SOLUTION: Joshua was told to tell Israel to sanctify themselves against tomorrow. Let everyone that fears God seek His face today for cleansing by the blood of Jesus and be sanctified unto the Lord. This is the qualification for the wonder of TOMORROW.

As you believe the Lord for His word, the wonder that will have the world respect you forever will happen in your favor in Jesus’ name. The Most-High shall sanctify you in readiness for His great appearing in your behalf in Jesus’ name. You will not miss out of the wonder to come in the name of Jesus Christ. Get ready for the wonder.

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