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You are blessed

Text: Psalms 134:3

The Lord that made heaven and earth bless thee out of Zion.

Bible Reading:

Numbers 23:1-10


Curses are very terrible and they have the capacity to derail destinies. Anyone that is accursed lives a miserable life and until the curse(s) are lifted, life remains miserable for same. It is possible for a powerful person to place a curse on someone or a whole lineage and the curse begins to rage like wildfire over the victim. Some more powerful person is also able to cancel the effect of the curse placed by the former. Problem however is getting such a more powerful person. In truth, curses are instruments used by forces of darkness and because there is unity in darkness to a large extent, no one in darkness would lift a curse placed by another from the same kingdom no matter how seemingly powerful the latter may be. The good news is that everyone that is in Christ Jesus who lives according to the dictates of God is blessed of God. There is no being that is as powerful as God. All power really belongs to God. In essence, no one can turn around anything that God does. Are you under a yoke brought by the operation of a curse/curses. Turn to God through Christ Jesus and it will become a thing of the past. Once you are in Christ, you become blessed with the blessings of Abraham which no one can upturn. Balaam was to curse the people of God for pecuniary gains but could not because God is the ultimate in power. You can remain in these blessings forever if you will do the will of God henceforth without fail. Whenever we turn our backs on God we turn our backs on His blessing. The opposite of blessing is curses. There is no vacuum in life spiritual. You either have the one or the other. Chose God today and you have His blessings that dumbfounds the wise. To forsake Him is an invitation to gloom. Don’t.


Father Lord, you are the Maker of heaven and the earth, I desire your blessing Lord; do hide me in you that I may remain blessed of you forever. Whatever I will do to make me lose your blessing, please don’t let me do in Jesus name.

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