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You Can Have It

Key verse: Romans 8:32

He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

Matthew 7:7-11

Our God is a benevolent God and a great giver. When He was to create man, He first ensured everything that would give man pleasure was in place. All He then did was to make the man and put him in the splendor. That same God has not changed since then. Before He sends any man into the earth, He makes sure He makes adequate supplies for his upkeep. Did someone say: “how about those born into squalor?” Known unto God are all His deeds from the foundation of the earth. He made them and gave adequate resources for their upkeep into the hands of a neighbor nearby. Whether the neighbor then lives up to God’s expectation is another matter. In any case, being infant, the child’s angel is always appearing before God for supplies for his upkeep and they do get delivered.

However, God expects us to know that there is none as rich as He is. It is the lie of the devil that makes man shift focus from God to any other being for supply. The earth is the Lord’s. No matter what we seek, we can get it. It is just for us to ask. Some have been asking and are not getting because they ask amiss. What they ask for is not in tune with God’s will for their lives. For some others, their asking never gets to God. Those are the ones the scriptures refer to as wicked. They lack the fear of God in that sin is their way yet they pretend to ask things of God who ordinarily resists them. God is however, willing to receive them if they will follow the right channel to get their requests to Him. That channel is the name of the Lord Jesus Christ whom God freely gave to us to pay the wages for our sin which we committed in Adam. Christ Himself made it clear that when we ask anything in His name, we will have fullness of joy.

What is that thing that seems unattainable: position, material wealth, health, spiritual endowment, name it? It is available if we will rightly ask from the owner of all good and perfect gifts. A man was born blind without eyes in the sockets in his skull. As he approached the Christ, He created for him fresh eyes. That is as good as it gets. Or have we forgotten how He caused Peter to bring golden coin from the mouth of a fish in the lake. Or is it the draught of fish Peter caught at His word having toiled unsuccessfully all night? Why don’t you just ask Him what you need today. He has it in abundance to give.

Pray: Father, I look up to you for my needs. Please meet me at the point of my needs in Jesus name. Thank you for all my needs are met. Blessed be your Holy name.

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